1. Serious buyer text your order right away along with the code's items to :  
0812-8155-1959 or BB Pin : 26E3A241
 Format --> (Name_Product_Complete Address)
2. Method of Payment can only be reached via :
    BCA ( Hanny Arianty Gultom 3452252667) 
3. After finishing the payment you should confirm by texting us a message then your items will be on the progress.
4. The maximum days of booking is 2x24 hours, if we haven't got your confirmation payment means that your items will be given to those WL (waiting list) customers.
5. Our item's price doesn't include delivery fee and your packet will be sent by JNE for 2-4 days in Regular Packet Delivery. (click here for the details delivery fee)
6. All of our prices are fixed, except if there is a special sale.
7. We don't accept any return/exchange items.
8. Further INFO just texted us 0812-8155-1959 or e-mail us or you can reach us via facebook @blankiehang onlineshop or twitter @blankiehang.